These estimates can vary based on poor maintenance, lack of maintenance, manufacturing defects and neglect. They are only meant as a general reference.

Caulks, Paint and Adhesives
Caulks 5-10 Years
Paint 7 Years
Roof Adhesives 15+ Years
Air Conditioners 15-20 Years
Dishwashers 9 Years
Disposers, Food Waste 12 Years
Exhaust Fans 10 Years
Furnaces 15-20 Years
Heat Pumps 16 Years
Microwave Ovens 9 Years
Range/Oven Hoods 14 Years
Electric Ranges 9-13 Years
Gas Ranges 15-17 Years
Water Heaters 10-11 Years
Aluminum Coating 3-7 Years
Asphalt Shingles (3-tab) 15-20 Years
Asphalt (Architectural) 25-30 Years
BUR (Built-up Roof) 30 Years
Clay/Concrete 100+ Years
Coal and Tar 30 Years
Copper 100+ Years
Fiber Cement 25 Years
Simulated Slate 50 Years
Slate 50+ Years
Wood 25-30 Years
Exterior Siding
Aluminum Gutters 20 Years
Brick 100+ Years
Engineered Wood 100+ Years
Fiber Cement 100+ Years
Manufactured Stone 100+ Years
Stone 100+ Years
Stucco 50-100 Years

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